Complete 4000 watch time and 1000 subscribers

How to complete 4000 hour watch time and 1000 subscribers on YouTube

So guys firstly you are need a thousand subscriber for more achievement and you have a totally focus on your subscriber don't go to a focus on your hour watchtime

And most important thing are you and focus on your view was and in interactive reverse to attachment in a videos and mostly used values are so you're talking with user and interact your  to engagement in videos and high watch time you are achieve in videos so firstly you are need 1000 subscriber mostly complete in your what's time hour but you only focus on your views and use a most important in a survive on YouTube

After your view interaction in videos

First you have need to achieve more and more than you views to interact in your videos and most important you have interact your viewers  to attachment in a videos and very excited videos you are making and focus on your content qualities and make sure your audio quality is are very best and and guys mostly mostly important so you have need to best SEO tools I prefer you tubebuddy you are installed tubebuddy you are install tubebuddy in your extension Tubebuddy is a most important for most viral extension for Chrome browser you are install and check your all keywords and most important you are go on your categories channels and select select those channel its grow after double into your channel and compare your channel to is your competitor channel and make sure you have go to viral videos your computer and make a videos with the same title and your title and your qualities will be same and check the description will be most important he was make a few words descriptions titles same way you are many smaller than changing in your title and keywords and then your post publish in your videos so I suggest you you are very most views in your videos and your viral your videos after viral fever videos your videos are trending on search page and most view our interact and after giving your voice time is a grow and your subscribers are those very grow after your Channel was a very very fast growing and then your channel at Jeev a success so you have complete your 4000 subscriber and 4 hours watch time

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