How to reset phone

How to Reset Phone!

There are some conditions to reset the phone, if your phone is getting hit or your phone is overheating or your phone is getting too much hang, then in that condition you can reset your phone or else  My opinion is that you don't reset the phone anymore
How to Reset Phone

In this article, we will tell you how to reset the mobile in two ways, first, how can you reset the unlocked mobile and second how can you reset the lock on the mobile, depending on the model number you have, if your phone makes these methods  If you are not able to reset, then check the model number of your mobile and go to our website on that model number, in many models we have written articles that you  How to reset your mobile by going and reset your mobile.
How to reset phone

How to reset unlock phone -
  1. Go to settings
  2. click on additional settings
  3. click on backup and reset
  4. Click on Fectory data reset/Recovery 
  5. Click on Erase all data / Erase all contact and settings
  6. After clicking wait 3 to 5 min.
Your phone is now completely reset. now make the settings of your phone and you can use your phone.

How to reset locked phone 

To reset the locked mobile, friends, you need a Hard reset, click the link in the hard reset link article. 

At the time of hard reset, you will get to see two types of language, first you will get English language and second which is the language is Chinese language, you will have to look at this thing carefully and reset it carefully.

How to reset locked phone
  1. Switch off your phone for hard reset 
  2. Press hold Volume ( -/+ ) and power Button (After off your phone)
  3. You will see two languages ( English /  Chinese )
  4. You can press the volume ( - ) key for down.
  5. You can press the volume ( + / power )

  • English language 
  1. Press( - ) for down and goto Data recovery / Fectory reset 
  2. Click on Data recovery / Fectory reset 
  3. Click yes 
  4. After yes click you see lest side down  on screen Fectory reset 
  5. Wait 3 to 5 min.

  • Chinese Language 
  1. Friends, this is how you can see different interfaces in Chinese language, so I have given you some photos, from which you will know that people will know how your interface is, reset your phone accordingly.
How to reset locked phone

How to reset locked phone

Now after that you set your phone according to your mind and use it well.


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