Review of Nimki mukhiya cast and nimki vidhayak cast review

Is it ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ or ‘Nimki - The Frankenstein’s (Zama Habib’s) Monster’? I sincerely urge that the TV serial ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ being telecast during prime time on ‘Star Bharat’ TV Channel be stopped forth with because there are serious
Nimki vidhayak and nimki mukhiya
complaints as well as reviews against this serial to which the Channel as well as the Producers are least bothered about despite the Nimki Monster entering our houses daily in the evening and causing all wreckages - societal, ethical, cultural, psychological, and even legal, simply because the Producers/ Channel Owners are making good money. Some of the important complaints are – (1) Factual Blunders. The BDO is a petty officer whose job is to administer only the development of a Block in consultation with the Panchayat Samiti, which comprises of several Mukhiyas of different Panchayats (Block is either a sub-part of a circle or may be equivalent to a Circle in area and boundary. The Circle is headed by the Circle Officer, CO). BDO has no law & order or revenue powers. Similarly, the Panchayat has two heads – Firstly, the Mukhiya who recommends and monitors development work and schemes like MNREGA (these are the places where the Mukhiya often gets involved in corrupt practices). All developmental related works are done under the BDO’s administration through tendering where the major role is played by the state PWD officials. Thus, if there is a sub-standard work done by a contractor, invariably the BDO, the PWD official, the Mukhiya and the contractor will all be involved in corruption. Secondly, the other head is the Sarpanch who along with the other members of the Panchayat can solve minor disputes if the disputing parties are both willing (i.e., it is the Sarpanch who has some judicial powers), but he cannot force the decision on them (as a Court can do). It is noteworthy that the Mukhiya has no such judicial powers. Thus, the whole system of Panchayati Raj (Refer to Bihar Panchayati Raj act 2006) is voluntary in nature, where neither the Mukhiya nor the Sarpanch can force his decision on any citizen. They cannot even force any citizen to present himself before the Panchayat (as a court can through summons/warrants). To sum up, the Mukhiya as well as the BDO are ordinary officials/people’s representatives, and not demi-Gods, as being misguided by this serial. In fact, in Bihar, people care too hoots about them. With this as the factual position, here are the other causes why this serial must be banned, (2) the protagonists, the BDO and Nimki Mukhiya are both highly corrupt people who would willingly tamper with the MLA election process also, (3) the BDO is a womanizer whose only interest seems to be looking for women with disturbed married lives, (4) Nimki Mukhiya is an anarchist who would take law into her hands, (5) Nimki Mukhiya is a despot who is always surrounded by stooges like BDO, Tunne and her family members, and is a woman who would listen to no one but herself and would force her decision on every one, (6) Nimki Mukhiya does not believe in ‘look before you leap’, (7) Nimki Mukhiya has gone mad with deep rooted vengeance and hatred. The result is that Nimki Mukhiya has been turned by Zama Habib into ‘The Frankenstein’s Monster’, who is now wrecking everything, the institution of marriage, re-creating caste wars (specially against the Thakur Family of Tetar Singh) which may lead to the nefarious Bihar’s caste carnages, mobilizing mob attacks which may lead to dreaded unlawful mob lynching, and as far as morality, courtesy, decency, family-hood, and relationships are concerned, she has already hit them for a huge six. Therefore, kill this ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ now turned into Zama Habib’s Frankenstein’s Monster. Stop telecast of the serial ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ forth with before it destroys our value system and good faith in humanity and relationships.
Review of Nimki mukhiya cast and nimki vidhayak cast review Review of Nimki mukhiya cast and nimki vidhayak cast review Reviewed by Ankit Kumar on August 12, 2019 Rating: 5

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